Understand your exposure to climate risks to build your adaptation strategy in the face of the perils of climate disruption.

cloudy sky photo illustrating climate change

The effects of climate change are now part of our daily lives.

The consequences of climate-related risks impact people and property, and affect the value of real estate assets, the sustainability of economic activities, and the viability of businesses.

It is therefore becoming essential for risk managers, company directors, community leaders, bankers, insurers, and private individuals to have a comprehensive and actionable Climate Resilience Assessment at their disposal, enabling them to develop an adaptation strategy.

In Europe, over 1.5 million SMEs are exposed to climate risks

The economic impact in Europe is estimated to be between 3.5% and 5% of GDP each year.

Europe is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world and is the continent that warms the fastest.

The last 10 years rank among the hottest since 1880.




> Assess exposure to present and future climate risks
> Build an adaptation strategy
> Ensure operational and financial resilience
> Protect people and property
> Meet regulatory reporting obligations
> Reassure bankers and insurers

Team working with computers to find solutions for adapting to climate change



> Anticipate the harmful effects of climate change
> Protect people and property
> Build sustainable local urbanization plans
> Remain insurable

photo of a community to illustrate vulnerability to climate change



> Assess the physical risk exposure of their customer portfolio
> Propose financing solutions adapted to customers' resilience plans
> Engage customers in a process of adaptation and resilience
> Provide quality information to the European Central Bank
> Optimize prudential ratios
> Evaluate the physical risk exposure of their own branches and production sites

photo with banknotes to illustrate how banks and insurance companies can fight climate change



> Know the vulnerability of one or more properties to compare before buying
> Have precise, up-to-date information on the climatic risks to which a property is exposed
> Reassure buyers when selling your property
> Provide an objective, documented diagnosis in discussions with your bank or insurer

photo of a family that may be affected by climate change

Tardigrade AI offers first Climate Resilience Assessment affordable for companies, local authorities and individuals looking for precise, actionable information in the service of their adaptation strategy to combat climate change

The Climate Resilience Assessment de Tardigrade AI :
> Projection data the latest CMIP6
> Data sources the most complete Climate (Copernicus ERA5 hourly data) and Flooding (FABDEM, Copernicus GLO-30, LiDAR, MERIT, WSF3D, ETH GCH, GLC)
> The finest granularity with flood information no door to door 20m
> Worldwide coverage for all types of risks
> Auditable compliance reports to meet regulatory reporting requirements (CSRD, IFRS)
> Affordable running costs

📊Our Diagnostic de Performance Climatique is based on the most recent data and projection models, so you don't make bad decisions based on data that is already obsolete(https://www.copernicus.eu/fr)(https://www.ipcc.ch/languages-2/francais/)(https://wmo.int/fr).

🌎Our Climate Performance Diagnostic covers all points of the globe to assess the climate risk exposure of all your assets and those of the players in your supply chain.

🔎Our Diagnostic de Performance Climatique offers a granularity of 20m at the doorstep for flood peril, enabling you to take all the necessary steps to ensure the continuation of your activities in the event of heavy flooding.

🎯Our Climate Performance Diagnostic provides you with CSRD and IFRS compliance reports using Artificial Intelligence to meet reporting obligations while guaranteeing their auditability year on year.

💶Our Diagnostic de Performance Climatique is billed at an affordable cost to provide you with actionable reports for each of your sites.