General terms and conditions

Updated on 16/05/2024

  1. The physical climate risk diagnostic ("the Diagnostic") marketed under the name Tardigrade-AI is a product licensed from Weatherisus SAS.
  2. The Diagnostic consists of a summary document and Excel files containing historical and projected data for the perils considered in the Diagnostic.
  3. The Diagnosis applies to the asset whose GPS coordinates and postal address appear on the summary document in accordance with the data provided by the Beneficiary.
  4. The Diagnostic and the data contained in the associated Excel files are the exclusive property of Weatherisus SAS, which produces them under license or with the agreement of its partners and data suppliers.
  5. The Diagnostic is for the exclusive use of the operator or owner of the asset (hereinafter referred to as the "Beneficiary").
  6. Diagnosis is non-transferable.
  7. The Beneficiary accepts all the General Conditions.
  8. In particular, the Beneficiary agrees not to

          a. to transfer, distribute or make available to any other party, in any manner whatsoever, the Diagnostic and the data produced by Weatherisus SAS as part of the Diagnostic;

          b. reproduce, copy, redistribute, disseminate, sell, trade, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble or decompile the Diagnostic and the data produced by Weatherisus SAS;

           c. place or allow the Diagnostic or any data produced by Weatherisus SAS in connection with the Diagnostic to be placed on a free, open or publicly accessible website;

          d. to combine the Diagnostic with existing products of the Beneficiary without the prior authorization of Weatherisus SAS;

          e. use the Diagnostic and more generally Weatherisus SAS products in any manner other than for internal use or regulatory reporting purposes.

  1. The Diagnostic information is provided for informational purposes only and in no way constitutes or should be considered to reflect the position of Weatherisus SAS, particularly with respect to any pending or future litigation. In no event shall Weatherisus SAS be liable for any loss or damage or any cause of action whatsoever in connection with the use of the information in the Diagnostic. The Diagnostic is produced on the basis of information available at the date it is produced. Weatherisus has no obligation to revise or update the Diagnostic as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.
  2. The Customer and Weatherisus SAS expressly agree that any dispute or difference arising from the interpretation, performance or breach of the general terms and conditions by the Customer shall be governed exclusively by French law and submitted to the jurisdiction of the French courts. In the event of breach of the general terms and conditions by the Beneficiary, Weatherisus SAS reserves the right to initiate any legal proceedings necessary to safeguard its interests and obtain full compensation for any damages suffered. All legal costs and fees incurred in asserting the rights of Weatherisus SAS will be borne by the Beneficiary.

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