> Develop the first tool for measuring resilience to climate risks, accessible to all, to accelerate adaptation.

> Provide all the data needed to better understand the issues at stake and to design adaptation solutions that best fit the level of exposure.

> Provide global coverage at the lowest level of granularity.

> Offer the range of IPCC scenarios and climate perils to facilitate adaptation decisions.

> Use a multi-model approach to project the evolution of perils over time.

> Provide a transparent, auditable, regulatory-compliant response, based on certified data and methodologies validated by the scientific community.

> Capitalize on technology and science to offer the climate resilience assesment at the lowest possible cost.

> We have developed the Climate Resilience Assessment (CRA), which informs all stakeholders about a site's resilience by assessing its exposure to climatic perils.

> The Tardigrade CRA program is aimed at all public and private players, including companies, individuals and local authorities.

> The Tardigrade CRA offers site managers (from company directors to local/territorial authority managers) the ability to identify and classify the real estate assets most exposed to physical climatic risks.

> The Tardigrade CRA enables companies to select the adaptation actions and evaluate the investments needed to adapt, and strengthen their resilience and that of their supply chains.

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Scientific approach based on methods published and validated by the IPCC.

Certified source data used by the IPCC (Copernicus).

Geolocated hourly historical data .

Climate risk metrics used by World Meteorological Organization and accounting (IFRS) and environmental (CSRD) regulations resulting from the work of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) set up after COP 21.

Projection approach multi-model data and downscaling methods validated.

IPCC scenarios (https://www.ipcc.ch/languages-2/francais/)available: RCP2.6, RCP 4.5, RCP 6.0 and RCP 8.5compatibility with the reference warming trajectory for climate change adaptation (TRACC - https://www.ecologie.gouv.fr/politiques-publiques/trajectoire-rechauffement-reference-ladaptation-changement-climatique-tracc)

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A visualization of perils through single risk indicators :

  • Anomaly measured annually between an observed or projected value and its normal value
  • Probability of values exceeding a standard
  • Measuring the acceleration of risk evolution

A representation of average observed flood risk levels within a radius of 100 metres, then 200 metres, around the site.

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Worldwide coverage to find out about the vulnerability of your real estate assets or those of your suppliers involved in the resilience of your supply chain.

The use of Artificial Intelligence to produce your CSRD and IFRS reports, and to build your strategy for operational and financial resilience.

screenshot of Tardigrade AI climatic performance diagnosis CSRD 06 report